When the idea of luring guests into a facility rings in the minds of many people, the first solution is to slash the accommodation rates. Although the discounting element may be effective, lower prices don’t create demand.

Every B&B host wonders how to boost revenue and increase profit. Nonetheless, when the facility owners are immersed in daily activities, they may barely see the bigger picture of their business.

Although there are numerous ways of improving bed and breakfast services, herewith are just but a few strategies that can help in growing your business.


Publicizing accommodation facilities is essential to ensure that people from various regions know about the services you offer, the facility’s location, and the price of the services. However, you have to carefully choose the advertisement medium to use. For example, pick an effective, affordable, and convenient platform. Social media platforms such as Facebook are easy to manage, useful advertisement tools and are cheap or even free.

Provide Quality Services

Even after reaching your targeted group, the accommodation facilities may fail to get the required number of guests when the services provided are poor. For instance, your advertisement strategies can bear fruit and lure guests, but after the first day, guests who aren’t comfortable will not come back. Moreover, a negative review will be passed to society if guests are not pleased by services.


You can help your guest extend their stay in your facility by offering discounts. For example, when a guest stays at a hotel for six days, the seventh day can be free. Giving offers that have monetary advantages to clients will help to drive people into your facility. Furthermore, even as low as a 5% price cut, you can easily lure guests. Therefore, don’t stick to the same costs when charging your regular customers.

Bottom Line

Travelers find B&B accommodation to be the right place to spend their nights. With some conditions and quality services, a facility can be flocked on weekdays as well as weekends. Follow the above strategies to learn how you can move your B&B business to the next level.