The B&B accommodation idea dates back several decades. In the past, monasteries were used as a B&B for travelers. Up to date, these facilities are still available in some places. In the 1990s, it was nothing strange for country travelers to spend nights in homestay facilities. However, at first, the B&B idea was an informal thing where acquaintances and people of the same social rank would host their fellows. For several years, B&B was a popular trend in Europe as an affordable accommodation option. Presently, with many tourists visiting Europe, bed and breakfast is experiencing a renaissance.

Nonetheless, the accommodation plan is no longer what was seen before as cheap. The rediscovered facilities are now eye-catching alternatives to hotels. For instance, some B&B facilities provide amenities that most motels don’t offer to their clients. To start the B&B services, homeowners must understand the elements involved. For instance, the issues of licensing, capital, and ways of thriving in the business must be considered. Herewith are B&B business ideas.

Startup Funds

With the business idea, it’s critical to research the capital you require. Furthermore, you have to know where you can get the necessary amount of money to complete the project. Some of the expenses you have to consider are building costs, equipping the facilities, and enhancing security. In case you don’t have enough savings to fund the project, consider seeking financial support from friends, or even applying for loans. Look for a financial institution that can offer a mortgage at a low and affordable rate.


The accommodation services you plan to start are categorized in the business sector. Therefore, you have to get a business permit, among other licenses from your government. License fees for B&B are cheap, and the paperwork is simple. However, you may have to wait before the municipality approves your business. The city has to check whether your home fits into the accommodation business.

Ways to Improve Your Business

Even after building beautiful rooms, guests may fail to come to your place. Thus, just like in other business sectors, you have to find ways to lure clients. Promotions and discounts are some of the ways you can drive traffic into the direction of your facility. For example, you can offer accommodation and breakfast services at half price for the first two weekends or something as the unibet refer a friend bonus. Moreover advertising the facility through various mediums like social media, TVs, newspapers and or other effective ways can help to lure the attention of travelers.