Facilities providing bed and breakfast services do all that is possible to improve their amenities. Competition in the sector intensifies with time and hotels, and other facilities providing the services must find ways to cope with the stiff rivalry experienced.

B and B facilities are forced to change their operating styles to cater to the increasing challenges experienced in the sector. Despite all the efforts put into improving services, some facilities don’t meet standard requirements, whereas others surpass clients’ expectations.

Herewith are guidelines to follow when finding the right bed and breakfast facility for either one night or a place to spend some days during a vacation in new towns.

Check-in Time

Mostly, owners of bed and breakfast facilities live within the same compound. Therefore, when to get in and out of the facility can be limited. The arrival time can differ from other places like hotels where you can drive past midnight or during any hour you wish.

Besides, you may not access the facilities during the day in some depending on the condition of the facility. Hence, if your trip or work ends before the check-in time, you will have to wait for you to access the facility. Therefore, look for convenient check-in conditions that fit into your schedule.

Consider the Size of the Rooms

Before you book the bed and breakfast services, you have to make sure you will stay in the most comfortable place. For example, if you have your spouse or friends, consider finding a facility that will comfortably hold you.

Moreover, you ought to inquire from the facility management if children are accepted. When you tour a new town, your children shouldn’t be left behind because one B&B facility doesn’t allow minors. Consider checking for a place where everyone accompanying you is welcome.

Inquire if Pets are Allowed

The place you sleep and get breakfast shouldn’t limit you from having fun during your vacation. For instance, pet lovers should have the freedom to stay with their pets. However, some bed and breakfast don’t accept friendly animals.

If you want to bring your pet with you, then ensure you first inquire from the management to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Recreational Amenities

Presently, people are accustomed to technology. For instance, no one would want to spend a night in a place where internet connections are unavailable. When you contact the B&B management for room booking, ask if they have free WIFI, TV, and other critical devices and amenities to ensure you are comfortable.

The Cost

Although you want a quality place and excellent services, it doesn’t mean pouring out all your savings. Consider a facility that has all essential features and offer their services at an affordable rate. Visiting several sites or agencies will help to know the standard charges. With such information, you will identify cheap facilities. Ask what is covered in the charged price as some facilities charge bed fees separately from the breakfast.


The night can be long when you stay in a place where you aren’t sure of your safety. Consider security features such as CCTV, well-fenced facilities, and even guarded places. With security personnel on the get or others moving around the compound, you may have a sense of security. Besides, car park lots should be secured to ensure your vehicles won’t be rooted or some parts be stolen.