Probably you have no clue of what bed and breakfast (B&B) is. B&B is a small lodging facility found in private homes. The establishments are rented to guests or travelers. In the B&B facilities, the rooms aren’t more than ten and usually range from four to ten. The rooms may have a bathroom, but in other cases, people share the washrooms. B&B only serves breakfast, which gets served in the rooms, kitchen, or dining space provided.

How B&B Started

Bed and breakfast services have been available for several decades. However, in the 1990s, the facilities were personal homes where specific people would spend their nights. For example, a teacher, or a doctor provided accommodation services to a fellow professional. Besides, people from the middle-class social group offered accommodation to their fellows in the same category.

In the late 1990s, the accommodation sector evolved with numerous hotels as well as lodgings being built. Nonetheless, B&B remained as a cheap and affordable accommodation option for travelers in undeveloped towns. In fact, some people in places where lodging services were offered still preferred affordable homestay accommodation options.

How B&B gained Popularity

Later in the twentieth century, the B&B facilities experienced a rebirth as they become popular. As students and tourists spend more time in Europe, the accommodation facilities became a cheap option for most of the travelers. Presently, bed and breakfast services provide warm and comfortable alternatives to motels or hotels. Guests can enjoy an environment similar to their homes when sleeping in private homes.

Besides, the price is not necessarily low as various homestay facilities are competing to provide the best services. For example, with recreational amenities like swimming pools, WIFI, and televisions installed in the room, the charges are higher compared to an open room with only a bed. Today, most homestay establishments aim to bring the home environment to travelers who feel the same atmosphere as what they experience at home. With high standard services, hospitality services, culinary delights, and luxurious rooms, people sleep comfortably in the B&B facilities.

Bottom Line

If you want to stay at home away from home, B&B facilities are the ideal accommodation for you. Besides getting accommodation for the entire night, you get breakfast covered in the fees you pay.

Moreover, at the private residential places, you can rest assured you are safe, and interaction or noises are the least of your concerns. Mostly, homeowners have rules to maintain discipline, unlike in motels, where people shout or even do all manner of things that disrupt many people.